New Weight Loss in Lubbock Program

6 Week Challenge

Limited Time Offer (Normally $499)

Hey LUBBOCK! I’m Coach Liz and I am doing something CRAZY to promote my bootcamp! We are giving away 15 vouchers for a 6 Week Challenge complete with Fun Workouts For Any Level, The World’s Simplest Meal Plan, & Accountability that actually works. This is not just any weight loss in Lubbock challenge, our program is designed to provide lifelong value and promote a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss in Lubbock Bootcamp

A Different Way To Loose Weight

Let’s face it. Getting in shape is hard. Guessing, checking, navigating the weird gym machines (not to mention the creeps that keep following you in the mirror!)

😏 What if I told you there’s a better way? 😏

You don’t have to obsessively count and balance and guess at how to make your meals.

You don’t have to spend hours figuring out where to aim your gaze during the hip thrusts your BFF told you you HAVE to try.

AND I cannot stress this enough-  absolutely NO creeps waiting for you outside the locker room!!

Getting in shape might not sound so bad now, right?

It’s Time

What’s Holding You Back?

Don’t keep putting yourself through the same torture when a WHOLE NEW WORLD of results is waiting for you RIGHT NOW.

So give yourself what you deserve. But hurry, we only have so many spots. Don’t get stuck sharing a machine with that dude making a little too much eye contact as he grunts through those last reps.

Normally $499

Custom Meal Plans – no more guesswork

Grocery List – Saves time. Saves Money

Food Prep Instructions – a 12 year old could knock this out!

42 Done-For-You Recipes – no more silence in response to "What's for dinner?"

Accountability – you think you have an excuse? No you don't

3 Cutting Edge Workouts PER WEEK – with your Weight Loss Coach

World Class Online Support Group – Available 24/7

***Spots Fill Up Fast! Check Next Availability***